The world is on fire and what a time to be ALIVE! Now more than ever the residents of this planet become saturated with commercialism and empty gesturisms. Look no further than a gimmick with an 'ism' behind its name.

We are The poets who own the night and rule the day. We are the light at the end of the tunnel and music is our rhythm. Rhythm is our Mantra. Our Mantra is the beating of our hearts.



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by Storie Grubb

Experimental Americana Folk Rock Music with a twist of Punk sensibilities...

*Bad Words are used

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May 11, 2018

'The Swill Herds' has been released! 

The latest release by Storie Grubb, 'The Swill Herds', a Ukulele Rock Album, is an experimental, low-fi and ambitious work of experimental folk rock. If it were a movie it would take place in the same universe as Vampire Hunter D. No standard six string guitars were used at all on this album. All of the licks and distorted parts are Ukulele. The songs jump from genre to genre, from outlaw bluegrass in songs like 'Click' or 'Dance Dance Dance' to pop love songs about hipster vampires such as 'After Dark'.  Storie plays all the instruments on the album with the exception of his trusty accordion player Matthew Vorhies.

Give it a listen, download it for free on Bandcamp






New Single out Now!!! April 15, 2018 

 The new single 'Good Times Roll' is out now on Bandcamp and Youtube. From the new album 'THE SWILL HERDS' coming out in May 2018.  It has been described by bloggers as a good song but the video is creepy and seems a bit generic. You should watch for yourself and see what all the fuss is about... GOOD TIMES ROLL



October 12, 2017


Well, I've been working feverishly on a new album for a about a month and half. Eleven new STORIE GRUBB songs in a collection called 'From the Gardens of Eden'. In my opinion it is the nicest "sounding" album I have ever made due to my new found obsession with the intricacies of mixing and losing my fragile, eggshell mind along the way. I made the entire thing myself and play all the instruments except for the trumpet on 'Gullible', played by my friend and local DIY colleague JOEY CORSENTINO of SLEEPY SEAHORSE fame.

Also there are hints of a reunion in the future with some old friends. stay tuned for that. I'm thinking I'd like to have this album released on my birthday November 13, 2018, soley released on bandcamp. So we'll see about that. In the meantime, keep your chins up and your hearts open.

New album is out

The New album, the Length of Tomorrow, is OUT! Finally after about 8 months of tracking, mixing, drawing and mastering it is complete. I am very proud of it and Hope that you are too. It will be available on Itunes, Bandcamp, Soundcloud and other familiar places as well. It is album that for me is totally appropriate for the times we are living in. It is full of themes that I love bringing to light, like war, death, love and life...as well as religion and the relationships one has with fellow human beings on this beautiful planet. 

I Hope that one day humanity makes this wonderful place a home and not just a sandbox.




October 1, 2015

The new album The Length of Tomorrow will be coming out on November 16, 2015. This album is  everything you'd expect of STORIE GRUBB and more. Filled with Raw, Honest attempts at communicating something deeper than what you'd find from mainstream contemporaries but also balanced with a soft, almost humorous approach at being a human in this day and age.

 Here is the first single Milky Way off the new album ...



JUNE 18, 2015

Storie Grubb released the single Milky Way on Bandcamp. In the typical "Grubb" fashion it is a song about the end of the world from the points of view of Mother Earth, God, Fundamentalist and the Non Believer. Listen to it here and hear for yourself...

June 6, 2015   Back to the Basics

As of today DROLL is no longer the name for my new project. Too many websites and folks out there in this big, beautiful world share the same name. Out of respect for them and making it easier for people to find my work online I am switching everything back to STORIE GRUBB. I know a lot of you don't understand and are going to be very hurt by this but life ...well, the show...must go...on. 


MAY 21, 2015   new music videos

DROLL has been busy over the past few weeks. There are two brand new, "lo-fi, no-budget" videos on their YOUTUBE page for your viewing and listening pleasure. THE LONELY MONIKER features puppets and Storie in odd scenes that can only be described as "fun and weird". The Second video PAMELA features the group's accordion player MATT VORHIES and his twin brother STEPHEN in a playful, fun filled chase scene that allows viewers, who are not from BOISE,  to experience the city in a nontraditional fashion. Both videos were individually shot and cut in one day. Which leaves us wondering: What could DROLL do with two days and a tiny budget?  Maybe someday we will find out.  

Find these videos and more here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdurSP-P9KQKTjD2yYtk__Q


On May 1, 2015 DROLL released their second album FASHION IS FAKE through BANDCAMP. This album is so new that no one has created the words to describe it yet. STORIE GRUBB serves up 11 more songs that range in genre from Folk to Punk-Pop.  This time around we hear keyboards, banjo, electric guitar and bass that creates a more full, well-rounded sound and offers up a  glimpse of what the future has in store for this self-proclaimed Antifolk project.

DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM HERE: https://droll1.bandcamp.com/album/fashion-is-fake


February 13, 2015  FIRST ALBUM RELEASE

DROLL releases their first album, A DURTY WORLD (THE BEDROOM RECORDINGS), on BANDCAMP. A collection of  17 songs that singer/songwriter STORIE GRUBB recorded on "...an old dying computer with old dying instruments".  Originally meant to be a side project to his other band, STORIE GRUBB AND THE HOLY WARS, DROLL has now become his primary gig. 

DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM : https://droll1.bandcamp.com/album/a-durty-world-the-bedroom-recordings


February 23, 2017

 A few new things to bring up. The album WHAT THE DEVIL??? was released in January on Bandcamp.com and is now available at the Record Exchange here in Boise Idaho. We also had our album release party at the Record Exchange. We are now looking forward to playing at Treefort Music Fest in March with hundreds of other great bands.  Stay tuned because there are going to be a lot of tings happening this year.